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Welcome to Wren's Readings!

This is where you can find all the information on my readings. Like what I need from you, what you should be aware of, and of course, the different choices you have!

What I Need From You

  • Name

  • Gender you identify with

  • Your sign

  • Tarot or Oracle

  • The specific question that you'd like insight for.

  • Which deck you would like to be used or I can pick for you

  • Email address for the reading to be sent to

  • After you've purchased a reading please go to the Contact page and include all of this information plus your payment conformation number from Paypal

Image by César Couto
Image by Jen Theodore

What You Need To Know

Please read carefully!

Let's get some stuff cleared up shall we?

You must be 18 or older.

  • I specialize in transitional - change of life readings. Things like new phases of life, milestones, moves, career changes, etc... I also enjoy doing general readings.

  • I do not do love, soul mate, or twin flame readings. It's just not my niche or something that I'm comfortable doing. For me there are too many variables at play when your talking about those types of things.


  • Please be realistic here. Don't go into this expecting 100% accuracy, mind-reading, or every single detail of your life mapped out. That's not how this works. It can show us where you've been, where you might go, your potential, and obstacles in your path. No reader is "all seeing"!

  • Divination can't be used in place of medical, psychiatric, legal, or other professional help. Please be sure to seek professional help if you need it!


  • If the question is inappropriate or I am unable to answer, I reserve the right to refund your money in full and not conduct a reading. Otherwise, I do not offer refunds.


  • A reading is draining. It takes a toll physically, emotionally, and psychically. The times listed on my services are to give me a cushion if I need it. In most cases I am usually able to complete them quickly, before the time-frames arrive.

  • Please ask good questions. Try to avoid “will I”, “should I”, or “yes/no” questions. Instead try: “what do I need to know about”, “how can I”, “what do I need to know if I make this decision”, or “not make this decision.”

  • Also keep in mind that anything pertaining to the present or future may take time to come to fruition. You won't get your email and it happen in the next minute.

  • I accept payment through Paypal and Venmo. The buy now buttons in my shop have you automatically go through Paypal. If you wish to use Venmo you can find Wren's Wonderings @Wren-StFire and you would just Venmo the money for whichever reading you want.

  • After I've received your payment and information I will do the reading. Then I will prepare a PDF with your reading information and full color pictures of your spread and cards. This will then be emailed to the email address you provided. 

- Wren Scott St. Fire

My Readings


1 Card Reading

If you need some super quick advice or general card pull for the day/week then this is the one to pick!

Typically completed in 1 day or less


3 Card Reading

Use this one for a bit more depth than the one-card but it's still quicker than the more intricate spreads. 


Typically completed in 1-2 days


The Rose Spread

This 7 card spread is made to examine your internal feelings and the external realities about a situation. It's more intricate so keep that in mind when asking me your question.

Typically  completed in 2-3 days


7 Card Horseshoe 

This 7 card spread great for specific questions or just a general overview. It takes into account what's going on, what's likely to happen, the feelings of others, and what needs to happen.

Typically completed in 2-3 days


Opportunities & Obstacles 

This is another 7 card spread and it looks at past, present, and future conditions around the question. And the opportunities and obstacles that may come about.

Typically completed in 2-3 days


Celtic Cross

This 10 card spread is possibly one of the most well known and used spreads in the world! It's great for specific questions or a in-depth general reading.

Typically completed in 3-4 days



This 13 card spread is a bit different. It only looks at the next 12 months. The 13th card is a signifier and clarification card.

Typically completed in 3-4 days

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