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Your Weekly Divination Outlook - 06/29/20

Hello fellow mystics, light-workers, pagans, witches, readers, seers, and anybody else I may have missed!

It's good to see you back here on this magnificently magical Monday. I hope this last week was good for all of you and that the coming week is also marvelous for you in new ways!

This week's reading will be done using Serenity, The Good Tarot Deck. It's by Colette Baron-Reid and Illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia. It's one of my favorites for its peaceful insight and gorgeous artwork. You can see my review of this deck here: The Good Tarot Deck Review. I don't know about you, but I really needed some love from Serenity this week!

As always here is the spread I use, feel free to try it out for yourselves and Pin it if you'd like:

Here's a picture of our full spread:

We ended up with a good deal of Fire (Wands) this week, so get ready for some creativity after rolling up our sleeves and doing some hard work on ourselves. Let's get down to business, shall we?

1. Monday: #9 The Hermit

  • Stone: Jet

  • Hmmm... The start of the week and we all already need a time-out! No, but to be serious for a moment, today is a day for some alone time so that you can work on yourself. We need a regrouping before we face the rest of the week ahead. Shut the door and lock everyone out for a bit because you need some peace, quiet, and deep introspection. Put down the phone, log off the computer, turn off the tv, and unplug from everything. Work on grounding yourself. Clear your mind and center yourself through whatever helps you the most. Maybe meditate, do a grounding ritual, spend time in nature, bake, bike, or take a healing bath if that's what helps to center you and aid in reflection. Is something looping through your mind continuously? Do you need the solution for something but can't see the resolution? Niggling worry in the back of your head? Old traumas resurfacing? Through intense work and inner reflection, we gain deep insight, healing, and a fresh, clear perspective to solve the problems that face us. It can be hard to do, especially for those of us who tend to put others first, but it's worth it in the end.

2. Tuesday: #18 The Moon

  • Stone: Amethyst

  • We're still working on our inner-selves today, I see. And that's ok. We know that things aren't always what they seem. Beneath a calm, tranquil lake, it churns with life and movement. You can't always unpack and banish those demons of ours in a single day. It takes work, but don't let those old traumas fester, my friends. We need to do our best to take care of putting old monsters to rest. It may not be pretty, and some will be surprised at the intensity of the emotions we're so good at hiding, but it's something that has to be done. Don't let those old fears run roughshod over us. We do ourselves and those who love us a disservice when we allow old fears to be projected into our present or future. We need to let go of the negativity and the mental blocks we've constructed to try and keep us safe. The truth is they haven't really done anything but isolate us from others and hide our true selves. Time to bust them down and work through the pain to come out lighter and more empowered on the other side.

3. Wednesday: 2 of Fire

  • Stone: Amethyst

  • Ahhhh... We're in for some inspiration today. With all that working on ourselves, we may have just discovered who we honestly are at our core, what we want out of life, and where we want to be. This is a good thing! Setting the goals we want to achieve is an extremely essential part of life. Now though comes the creative planning process. We need to map out how we're to reach our goals and break them down into smaller, realistically attainable goals. An important point... goals NEED to be achievable. If they're not, you risk getting frustrated, discouraged, and giving up. Don't give up! Maintain your optimism, but be realistic about what CAN happen. Ensure your plan is clear to you and mapped out to the best of your ability, especially if you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's time to follow your soul's calling, trust in your heart, work for the greater good of yourself and the universe, and take a risk. Yeah, it's scary. It can be down-right terrifying, but no one ever accomplished anything exceptional by being a yellow-bellied coward. (I totally might have watched too many westerns as a kid and have always wanted to say that lol!) So have the courage you need and move forward with purpose.

4. Thursday: 4 of Fire

  • Stone: Jet

  • Time to take a breather today. All that crazy hard work and planning you've done so far this week will eventually pay off. Although that inner work's already paying off, isn't it? Even though it was draining, it lightened your load and took a heavy weight from around your neck. It's also influenced you to make some remarkable future goals and plans. Now is the time to celebrate with your loved ones while secure in the knowledge that you've made plans that will soon be put into motion. Work on getting together and having an enjoyable chilled out time with your friends and the family that you love. Enjoy the little moments as they come. Embrace the love and harmony that flows around you and send it out into the world, burning brightly for all to see and share in.

5. Friday: 9 of Earth

  • Stone: Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold)

  • It's another day to put that nose to the grindstone and get things done, and we must be disciplined about how we go about it. No slacking off or letting fear get the better of us today. We need to practice our self-reliance and resourcefulness today. By maintaining our self-control, using our resources wisely, and working diligently towards our future goals, we create a solid foundation to build upon later. It's not going to be a picnic getting there, but it'll make it all the better once we reach our goals. To manifest those dreams of ours, we have to be willing to plan things out and diligently work hard to get there. If you're not willing to put the effort in, well then... Ultimately, your dreams will be nothing but pretty shiny visions dancing in your head, making you bitter. As foolish and useless as Fools Gold. Things don't just fall into your lap; you have to work for them to come to fruition. Don't give up or fall back into old patterns!

6. Saturday: 2 of Water Reversed

  • Stone: Amethyst

  • We need to practice some serious self-love today! In all honesty, it's not really all that surprising since we've had a week full of hard efforts and struggles to work through. We're all probably a bit tender emotionally, mentally, and physically. Just a tad worn out after everything. We need to work to get to the point of loving and respecting ourselves to show the world our true selves. To reach that place of unconditional love, we have to know when we need to take a step back and recharge. We have to realize our own worth and that it's ok to take care of ourselves. This is that day! It's our time to renew privately and enjoy something for us alone. We should look into doing something just for us and maybe have a small splurge to get a little pampering. Nothing outrageous, but you know a tiny bit of pampering can go a long way when you really need it or haven't done it in a while. Restore and be gentle with yourself. Enjoy your day to the fullest, my darlings!

7. Sunday: 3 of Fire

  • Stone: Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold)

  • Hopefully, we all feel nice and refreshed now! Today is a good day to let that spark of creativity and inspiration we have within us grow and expand to its fullest potential. We've already laid out a solid foundation earlier this week. Now let's build on it and plan things out a little more for the upcoming week. We're on the right track and need to trust in ourselves and the universe's plan for the future. We will work hard and secure our futures. More opportunities will be opening up and presenting themselves to us. With our knowledge and purpose-driven passion, we will trust in ourselves to make the right decisions and achieve our success.

I know it's a giant week for all of us, but we can do it! I believe in us, so you should too.

This Wednesday, we'll be going over the next Major Arcana Card, #3 The Empress! So be sure to come back to class and learn all about it. I certainly look forward to it!

If you're someone who's just starting out in Tarot, I highly encourage you to start from the beginning with Tarot Class: Intro to the Cards. I go over some general information on the cards and break them down for you a bit. Another good one to look at would be The Three Card Spread and its Many Uses. It's great for beginners and experienced readers alike.

Friday, I'm going to be doing a Divination Spread post to help us with all this inner work we're doing. Stay tuned in for that.

Next Monday, of course, we'll have our Weekly Divination Outlook.

I want to thank you for dropping by and reading this! Please stick around and explore if you'd like. And be sure to give me a follow on Instagram and Pinterest.

Let me know how you're doing and what you're thinking in the comments down below. As always before you comment, please remember to be kind and respect one another. Be sure to check out the Forum and make sure you read Wren's Rules of Engagement!

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