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What I do With New Decks

When I go to get a new deck, I look at a pretty good variety before choosing one. I always have to like the look of it, but there are more things to take into account then just looks alone. I try to find out information on things like the card stock used, what the maker's inspiration was, if it's more of a standard deck, or if it has more or fewer cards. I look up reviews on it if there are any to be found.

Most important, I have to be pulled to a particular deck. It has to resonate with me and just recently I was getting a new one. I ended up going with one that was initially going to be my second pick. I really loved the artwork for both, but I just kept being pulled to the other one. Again and again, I was drawn to this one deck, even though my initial first pick seemed to suit my needs. I went with my intuition and am glad I did. So far, it hasn't failed me. I've connected to all of my decks and haven't had the issues of not clicking with a deck or of it having no substance.

There are a few things I do when I get a new Tarot or Oracle deck before I start using it. After unboxing it, I slowly go through the deck thoroughly. I study each card individually and then contemplate the deck as a whole.

Then I read the guidebook that comes with each deck cover to cover. I still do this even though I'm an intuitive reader because it helps me to get more of a feel for the deck itself and how the creators intend the deck to be interpreted.

I typically cleanse the deck to make sure no one else's energy is clinging to or affecting it in any way. I do this usually with a sage smudge stick and a moon bath. Everyone is different. Some people prefer a salt burial or an elemental cleansing. Really it's up to you. This is followed by meditation (which some people also consider this being a cleansing method) with the deck itself. I hold it either in my lap or held over my heart. To be honest, I meditate like this before any session I'm having with any deck old or new. While I'm doing this, I sometimes shuffle the deck numerous times as well.

After that, I go to my crystals and stones, picking the ones I am pulled to. I cut my deck into four placing a stone above each one. As I turn the cards, I'm called to, I use not only the cards, the numbers on them, and the crystals above them to help with my interpretation of its meaning.

For instance this card: #21 The World Tree with Turritella Agate

From The Wildwood Tarot Deck

The World Tree is an ancient tree that has seen many things come and go. It has seen the seasons pass and the cycles of life repeating. Its roots go deep. It is durable and will not falter nor fall. The maze at its roots reminds me of the twists, turns, and choices in life. If you make it through at the base of the tree, there is a doorway/gateway that you may enter to learn its wisdom.

The number 21 evokes joyful, creative energy and symbolizes divine wisdom. It's optimistic and charismatic.

Turritella Agate is made from the fossilized remains of seashells that have become agatized. Meaning its been here for a reeeeally long time! It stands for roots and ancestry, the past and survival, strength, and protection.

I pulled this card with the stone after asking, 'What kind of deck are you, and what are you here to teach me?' So my interpretation might be something like this: This deck is about roots and ancestry, wisdom and healing, strength, and protection. If approached with an optimistic, joyful, and creative energy and a sincere heart, it will help me gain enlightenment through ancient wisdom. Find natural balance through the cyclical nature and seasons of life. It will also help me find my true path and reach the heart of issues.

I hope that's enlightening or helpful to some of you!

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