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The Three-Card Spread and It's Many Uses

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Hi, all you amazing people out there!

Let's talk about the three-card spread and its general amazingness today.

First of all, it's a great spread that can give you a multitude of knowledge if you know how to use it. It's one of those spreads that are great for beginners to get their toes wet with and still give you so much information that it's still used by more seasoned hands.

I think that its main strengths are the simplicity of its spread and the number of questions you can ask and have answered with it. Yes, there are more intricate spreads like the Rose or Celtic Cross, but often simplicity is vital. To be perfectly frank, if you don't have a strong foundation in reading, you probably shouldn't attempt the more intricate spreads. You'll find yourself more often than not confused and frustrated.

Here are the main two layouts for three-card spreads:

If you're new to reading tarot, oracle, and/or divination, I recommend that you study your deck thoroughly before starting with simple one-card draws. You can follow this up with the three-card spreads and then slowly work your way up to the more complex ones. Some examples being: Seven-Card Horseshoe, Chakra, Celtic Cross, Tree of Life, Rose, and Annual spreads. These are just a few examples. There are more spreads than I could possibly list, some even using every last card in your deck!

Here is a list of questions you can ask your Three-Card spread:

  • Past / Present / Future

  • Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice

  • Where You Are / Aspire To / How To Reach It

  • You / Other Person / Relationship

  • Situation / Action / Outcome

  • Problem / Cause / Solution

  • Think / Feel / Do

  • Context / Focus / Outcome

  • Situation / Obstacle / Advice

  • Mind / Body / Spirit

  • You / Current Path / Potential

  • Material / Emotional / Spiritual

  • Opportunities / Challenges / Outcome

  • Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

  • Option 1/ Option 2 / How to pick

  • Help you / Hinder You / Unrealized Potential

Honestly, there are so many different variations of the Three-Card spread. I'm not sure I could find them all for you. These are just the ones I use most often. The good thing about this is that if you can come up with three questions, concepts, ideas, representations, etc. you can come up with a three-card spread for almost anything. It's very adaptive and straightforward, with the ability to give you tremendous information.

Here is an example three-card spread with King, my Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot Deck, where I did the tried and true Past / Present / Future Spread.

1. Past

  • Stone: Tree Agate

  • Ah, #13 Death, my old friend... The beautiful new things that transition brings. Everything has cycles and seasons of life. In order to start something new, you had to let something die. Sometimes it's hard to let things go, but it was the only way to move forward to a new, better chapter of your life.

2. Present

  • Stone: Blue / Green Agate

  • Ace of Swords: You've got a burst of fresh air just when you needed it the most! Just like the card, you open your consciousness and allow your ideas to lead you to your path. The answers you have been looking for are right in front of you. If you only open your mind to the possibilities. Do not miss your time of opportunity!

3. Future

  • Stone: Dumortierite

  • 5 of Cups Reversed: New possibilities and plans will come into your life. Be sure to have faith in yourself, and you'll also figure out that you can have a happy and meaningful life. Let go of regret, pain, guilt, and grief. Then move forward with an open heart. This is a period of building, forgiving, and above all, moving on to better things for yourself.

I hope this has been helpful for a lot of you! Light, love, and positivity are coming your way.

Thank you for dropping by and reading this! Please stick around and explore if you'd like. If you end up liking the look of my website, want to stay updated, go ahead, and subscribe. And be sure to give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest!

Let me know how you're doing and what you're thinking in the comments down below. As always before you comment, please remember to be kind and respect one another. Be sure to check out the Forum and make sure you read Wren's Rules of Engagement! It's the rules for the website and Forum. You can find them posted in the Forum as well as on its own page in the About section of my website.

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