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The Power of Meditation

Hiya, all you magnificent people out there!

Today I want to talk about meditation. It's not just for young new age people, hipsters, hippies, or people into the metaphysical. I'm going to touch on a few things in this post, such as the effects of meditation, different kinds of meditation, and finally, how I like to meditate.

So let's get into some of the effects or benefits that meditation can give you. It can help you with many things, such as:

  1. Reducing Stress

  2. Controlling Anxiety

  3. Promoting Emotional Wellbeing

  4. Enhancing Self-Awareness & Intuition

  5. Lengthening Attention Spans

  6. Reducing Age-Related Memory Loss

  7. Generating Positive Feelings - towards yourself and others

  8. Helping Develop Mental Discipline & Will-Power

  9. Helping Fight Addictions

  10. Improving Sleep

  11. Helping Control Pain

  12. Decreasing Blood Pressure

Now that's a fantastic list of advantages! Even if you don't use it for helping to boost your intuition and helping yourself in your tarot and divination practices. It would be helpful for a whole multitude of other things.

Now for the different kinds of meditation, there are two main types in which the other kinds typically fit under. The first one is Focused-Attention Meditation, where you focus on an object, thought, sound, movement, or visualization. The second one is called Open-Monitoring Meditation, which hopes to encourage awareness of your environment, thought processes, and your sense of self. I encourage anyone interested to do some research about them and try a couple of different forms of meditation to see what you might like. Here's a list of more meditation forms, that like I said, tend to fall under the two main styles.

  1. Yoga

  2. Zen

  3. Mantra

  4. Chakra

  5. Sound Bath

  6. Reflection

  7. Visualization

  8. Body Scan

  9. Resting Awareness

  10. Loving Kindness

  11. Noting

  12. Skillful Compassion

These are in no way ALL the forms of meditation. There are numerous forms of it and even more variations.

Personally, I use a few different Meditation styles depending on the circumstance and sometimes a combination. I've only done a few sessions of Chakra Meditation, but I am interested in doing more. I love to do Yoga Meditation and wish I could remember to stop and do it more often. It really de-stresses and helps to focus me. I usually use Mantra Meditation when my anxiety tries to get the better of me. It helps me calm down the fastest.

Body Scan Meditation is probably one of my very favorite ones because it helps with my pain management. One of my high school art teachers taught it to me. It was the last period, and he noticed I seemed really off and ghostly white, so he asked me what was wrong. I had been just trying to get through the class to go home because I had a horrific migraine and told him that. I have suffered from those from a young age. He must have recognized the look because he suffered from them as well.

He described the technique of closing my eyes, breathing evenly, and slowly scanning my body (in this case, my head and neck) mapping out the pain and giving it colors based on pain level.Then you imagine pouring icy cold deep blue liquid into those areas. Oh, the relief! It sounded crazy to me at the time, only being seventeen, but it worked and continues to work to this day! I'll forever be grateful to him.

I also use a combination of Reflection and Visualization before I do any tarot and oracle reading or divination practice. It helps to center, focus me, connect to my intuition, and connect to my guide.

Those are the meditation practices I use. Hopefully, this inspired you to do some research of your own and find something that works for you.

Thank you for dropping by and reading this! Please stick around and explore if you'd like. If you end up liking the look of my website, want to stay updated, go ahead, and subscribe. And be sure to give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest!

Let me know how you're doing and what you're thinking in the comments down below. As always before you comment, please remember to be kind and respect one another. Be sure to check out the Forum and make sure you read Wren's Rules of Engagement! It's the rules for the website and Forum. You can find them posted in the Forum as well as on its own page in the About section of my website.

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