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Tarot: Intro to the Cards #8 Strength

Hello, everybody!

A Happy Wednesday goes out to all my magnificent friends out there!

Welcome back to our Tarot Class. Hopefully, I'm back on track now, for the most part anyway! I posted a full apology and an update for everything in my crazy dumpster-fire of a life right now, on Monday. You can find that post in full here:

Now let's move on to the Class for today. I'm sure you've figured out it's going to be all about the Major Arcana card #8 Strength by the title.

Today, I'll cover the upright and reversed standard meanings of the card. I'll also show you a few examples from my decks and give you a general reading that I might do with them.

So let's get started with the traditional meanings of the card.

RWS Deck VIII Strength:

Upright: Confidence, strength, courage, compassion, fortitude, inner power

Reversed: Self-doubt, low energy, cowardice, weakness, inadequate, low self-esteem

The Strength card is similar to The Chariot in that it represents strength, determination, and power. Only, unlike The Chariot, the Strength card is all about the inner power, passions, and desires of a person. Also, in numerology, 8's are the energy of movement. Think about the infinity symbol when thinking of them. They're all about evolution, continuity, and the sound application of wisdom or knowledge that has been gained.

Let's look at a few examples from the Decks I use here.

Serenity's #8 Strength:

The Good Tarot Deck

  • This card shows us a large male lion standing on a columned terrace or porch. His image has been captured in the middle of a fearsome roar. Beyond the columns, you can just barely make out a flock of geese flying in formation. Beside the lion, calmly reaching out for him, is a lady dressed in rich gold and burgundy with a large ruby pendant over her heart. She shows no fear on her face, just calm control. In the upper left-hand corner of the card are three apples still on the tree. From beyond the edge of the card, light beams down through the apple tree, casting them both in a golden glow.

  • With this card, it really does have this aura of quite calmly controlled strength to it. It seems to also have an undertone of fiery passion and fierce protective instinct. The card itself shows off this determined power of the mind while still having the ability to display physical strength at a moment's notice. At least that's the way I've always viewed this particular card.

  • You have untapped depths of inner strength within you. You need to realize that your inner power sustains you, not the outer strength of the body. It allows you to go the distance and overcome any number of fears, doubts, obstacles, and challenges. We all have the courage and endurance to not just survive but to thrive in life. We simply have to allow ourselves the ability to access and unlock our full potential. Don't hold yourself back from success out of fear of the unknown or to flatter another's inflated ego. Let your calm determination and strength of mind shine through for all to see!

King's VIII Strength:

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot Deck

  • In this card's background, we see a clear blue sky, blue snow-capped mountains, and a fertile green valley. The focal point of this card is the calm meditating woman. She sits with her eyes closed, and her hands joined together in prayer or meditation. Upon her head, she wears a fierce lion's head hat adorned in blood-red roses. While floating above her head is a silver infinity symbol.

  • With its floating infinity, calm blue skies, open green valley, and meditating woman, it has a peaceful feel to it. Although at the same time, the lion with its baleful glare hitting you straight on seems even more fearsome than the last card. Though there is still a calmness about it, it doesn't give me the same sense of serenity that the other does... (and no, I didn't actually mean to make it into a pun because of Serenity's name lol!)

  • Time to take a small break, breathe in deeply, find your center, and your seat of inner power. Always keep in mind that true strength lies within our minds, not in our bodies. To push forward in life, you need to focus on yourself as a whole first and foremost. Secondly, really concentrate on self-growth and bettering yourself. Self-growth is a life-long process that won't be completed in a single day. Don't give up hope or get discouraged. You have the persistence to see things through until the end. And the payoff will be far greater than you thought possible. Remember your worth, and don't give anyone a discount. You deserve to be acknowledged, admired, and respected for who you actually are, and don't you ever forget it!

And lastly, Willow's #8 The Stag:

The Wildwood Tarot Deck

  • And as usual, Willow's nature-based Celtic mythology means that things are a tad different than the typical decks you see. Instead of #8 Strength, we have #8 The Stag! And it's also different in its meaning. Although you could assign the standard meaning to it if you felt like it.

  • The Stag in this card is one of the forest guardians and stands before an old tree. He's half-human and half-animal. He stands strong before the tree with his hafted axe and leather shield bearing the tree's image. His look is one of determination, daring you to try harming the forest he's responsible for protecting.

  • While The Stag's gaze shows us his strength of mind, determination, and fortitude, his weapons and physical form are hard to dismiss. He is ready to defend and protect in an instant and dares you to try something. Strength and power seem to almost radiate from him as he stands calmly and unmoving, waiting for whatever may happen.

  • Be careful of the thoughts, words, and actions you let loose. There are consequences to everything you do, say, and think. And they may be swift in coming though others may take longer to return to you. The actions you do and words you use, move out from you like ripples on a pond, affecting yourself and others along the way. As you have sown, so shall you reap. If you act with greed and desire in your heart, you reap bitterness and loneliness. While doing the right or generous actions will give you peace and fulfillment. The choice is yours for maintaining your own balance, but just remember that we're all responsible for our own actions.

I like all of these Strengths for the different things I see in them. However, I will admit that my very favorite #8 card is Willow's, followed closely by Serenity's #8!

Well, my darlings, this is where I wrap this latest Tarot Class all up. So I'll go ahead and say goodbye for now until the next time. Down below, you'll find what's upcoming for the website. Go ahead and give it a read through if you'd like more info.

This Friday or Saturday, I'm probably going to do a review of King, Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot Deck. Remember that if I don't get to it, it'll be next week, my dears!

Next Monday, of course, we'll have our Weekly Divination Outlook.

Next Wednesday, we'll be going over the next Major Arcana Card, #9 The Hermit! So be sure to come back to class and learn all about it. I certainly look forward to it!

If you're someone who's just starting out in Tarot, I highly encourage you to start from the beginning with Tarot Class: Intro to the Cards. I go over some general information on the cards and break them down for you a bit. Another good one to look at would be The Three Card Spread and its Many Uses. It's great for beginners and experienced readers alike.

I want to thank you for dropping by and reading this! Please stick around and explore if you'd like. And be sure to give me a follow on Instagram and Pinterest.

Let me know how you're doing and what you're thinking in the comments down below. As always before you comment, please remember to be kind and respect one another.

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