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Tarot: Intro to the Cards #6 The Lovers

Hello there, my magically mystical friends!

How are you all doing on this (for me) rainy Wednesday? Hopefully, it's going super awesome for all you guys.

I apologize for not having this done and sent out last week like I usually do. The only excuse I have is that there's a bunch of personal, familial things going on, and it's just adding lots of stress onto an already stressful situation right now. But that's life. Sometimes things like that just happen, and we've gotta learn to roll with it. Every now and again, you've gotta take a step back, rest, and re-evaluate priorities.

Anyway's on to our Tarot lesson of the week, #6 The Lovers! As always, I'll be going over the standard upright and reversed meanings of the card. Then I'll show you a couple of examples from different decks and explain how they might be read in a general reading.

Let's get cracking!

The Traditional RWS Deck:

Upright: Love, attraction, romance, relationships, choices, balance, harmony

Reversed: Imbalance, detachment, foolish choices, failure, indecision, disharmony

The Lovers card in the Major Arcana is all about relationships and decisions. Some would say irreversible choices, but that depends on how you interpret it. Depending on the question and interpretation, it could refer to a relationship in the past, present, or future and not necessarily the romantic variety. In the end, it always comes down to how you read.

Let's look at Serenity's #6 Love:

The Good Tarot Deck

  • Some of The Good Tarot's cards are called things besides the traditional names most of us know. Like this version of #6 The Lovers, is simply called Love.

  • In this card, we see a woman in what looks like a fancy silver satin dress. She lays sleeping against a large slumbering lion in between two pillars of marble. On the righthand pillar is carved the astrological symbol for Leo. The left bares the elemental symbol of fire. In between the columns sits the number 6.

  • This card always reminds me of quiet, gentle, but steady love. Something strong enough to withstand the tests of time. Love can also be fierce and fiery. Though the embers may be banked, it can erupt into burning passion at any moment. It takes reserves of courage and strength to love others and ourselves openly and unselfishly. In order to make the right choices for ourselves, we have to first explore the depths of our being. By being honest about who we are and learning from our past mistakes, we're able to open ourselves up to give and receive love freely. Which allows us to make the right choices.

Now for King's, VI The Lovers:

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot Deck

  • This depiction of The Lovers shows us the stylized artwork of traditional tattoos. It reveals two intertwined snakes, one yellow and the other orange, among a bed of hot pink roses.

  • These two lovers are a passionate force of nature. It shows us that a relationship or choice comes upon us fast, it might dies out in a blink of the eye, but is all-consuming in its intensity. When this card shows up in a reading, you must remember to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Don't allow yourself to be carried away or let temptation rule you. A raging inferno is bright, distracting, and gives off a lot of heat but will ultimately leave you with cold ruins once the fire dies out. And they always die out... First and foremost, maintain a relationship with your innermost self. Don't let anything overrun who you really are. It's important to be true to yourself and follow your intuition.

Lastly, we have Willow's #6 The Forest Lovers:

The Wildwood Tarot Deck

  • This time Willow's Major Arcana #6 card doesn't depart too much from other decks!

  • In this card, we see the backdrop of a bright spring sky. The center of the card holds a tree with new spring leaves sprouting, wrapped in green garlands of the maypole. Before this tree stands, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, bound together with a red ribbon. In the foreground are Arum Lilies, known as the 'lords and ladies,' and they flower around Beltane.

  • This card is all about balanced energies, joining together, and celebrating love. It represents a positive force of emotional energy and a deep desire for harmony. We must remember that love is a universal gift to all. Those who search for it and open their heart generously to receive and give love abundantly will find balance through inner harmony and healing. Always hold the bright light of love with you. Let it burn brilliantly through your darkest of times and support you in whatever you decide to do.

And that's it for our class today. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, down in the comments below.

If you're someone who's just starting out in Tarot, I highly encourage you to start from the beginning with Tarot Class: Intro to the Cards. I go over some general information on the cards and break them down for you a bit. Another good one to look at would be The Three Card Spread and its Many Uses. It's great for beginners and experienced readers alike.

Next Wednesday, we'll be going over the next Major Arcana Card, #7 The Chariot! So be sure to come back to class and learn all about it. I certainly look forward to it!

This Friday, I'll finally be doing a Deck review on King, the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot Deck.

Next Monday, of course, we'll have our Weekly Divination Outlook.

With the family matters I've been dealing with, I do want to say that these are tentative time tables. Someone is in the process of dying and will most likely not survive the next two weeks.

I want to thank you for dropping by and reading this! Please stick around and explore if you'd like. And be sure to give me a follow on Instagram and Pinterest.

Let me know how you're doing and what you're thinking in the comments down below. As always before you comment, please remember to be kind and respect one another.

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