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About Me

I guess if you're on this page, you wanna know a bit more about little ole me. My name is Wren Scott St. Fire, but y'all can just call me Wren. 

I'm a self-described nerd, member of the LGBT+ community, free-spirited pagan, a lifelong student of tarot and divination, an aspiring writer, and a ditzy artist. I decided to make this website to help people on their own spiritual journeys with Tarot, Oracle, Divination practices in general, and to maybe help them out with letting their inner witchy pagan free! I want us all to find like-minded people to share our work with, commiserate with, congratulate, and cheer on. Let's be a positive community for change in this world. I want us to be able to talk about things and help each other out. Give someone a bit of positivity and a boost up in this world. If that sounds good to you well, then you're in the right place.

Come on in and explore!

Don't forget to check out Wren's Rules of Engagement and the Forum. 


Forever sending you light, love, and positivity,



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